What Is A Domain?

Everyone talks about what a domain is, but not everyone knows what a domain is. The domain itself is essential for businesses and individuals alike, so it is important that everyone knows what one is. We’re going to be taking a look at the domain, and what it is.

So, What Is A Domain?

Domain. You’ve all probably heard the word come up in conversations or articles on the web, and then wondered exactly what one is. Take a look in the search bar at the top of your page for a moment. You’ll see something which begins with ‘http://’, and then there will be the name of the site you’re on. That is what you would call a domain. It is the name of the site that you’re on, and the website which is attached to it. When it comes to the domain, every single website has a different set of data attached to it so that people can find it. This data takes the form of numbers, which make up what is called an IP address. This IP address is how the computer or phone you use to browse the web connects to the website, to begin with.

Domains work on multiple levels, as the process is too complicated to be contained within a single code. The domain itself is split into two different domain types for people to have. The first is called the ‘second level domain’, and is the name of your company or organisation. The other part of your domain is the part which is something like ‘.com’, or ‘co.uk’. This is called the ‘top-level domain’, and is the most important part of the domain, as nothing can work without it. It’s not the most interesting part of the domain, however, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the ‘parent’ domain, in part because it looks after the second level domain and keeps it working as a parent would for a child. However, this part of the domain is customisable to a degree, with things like ‘.club’ being an option in some cases. However, a lot of people choose to remain with the primary top-level domains, to make it easier for customers to recognise them and straightforwardly reach the site.

Overall, the domain is something which everyone needs, and knowing how it works is essential to making sure that it all operates smoothly and doesn’t present a challenge for either the business or the customers. As stated before, your domain itself is split into two segments which do two different jobs. The second level domain acts more as a unique identifier for your business site, whereas the top level domain is what allows the entire site to work. Knowing the difference between the two is important when it comes to making sure the site is setup correctly, as without the top level domain you won’t be able to use your entire site.


  1. Great info – I know this might seem basic, but this has helped with my general understanding of domains and where to get started!

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